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STUDIOS 40, is a set designing firm created by Olivier Illouz in 2010.

Its main activities are set design for French and international télévision.

Olivier Illouz was selected to design the set that would house the debate between Emanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, aired on TF1 and France2. He has also recently won the "victoires de la musique 2018/2019" competition, the event will start on february 2018 on France2 and "L'association des Victoires". In addition, he has once again received the privilege of designing the "NRJ Music awards" set for TF1 and he is to prepare a new set concept for "Indonesian choice awards 2018" among other projects...

What interests Olivier Illouz goes well beyond the création of a set and deep into the development of a core concept. He likes overturning conventions with clearly distinct designs, conceiving each project as a different whole, always in relation to a particular theme, thus creating true identity without imposing a recognizable style. Guided by the canons of classical architecture, he also finds inspiration in the fields of fashion and photography. His designs make the most of new technologies by playing with video screens and lighting effects, yet remain lucid and simple.


2010   ->   Creation of STUDIOS 40

2005-2010   ->   Chief set designer for the group France Televisions

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